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Everything YOU need to know about Carpet Cleaning

Everything YOU need to know about Carpet Cleaning by Super-Clean PRO Flooring is an integral part of a home. It not only affects the indoor air quality but the aesthetic appeal of your house. Carpets remain to be one of the most popular flooring options. If you have recently installed...

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What Makes US the BEST Carpet Cleaner in...

Super-Clean PRO... The Best Carpet Cleaner in Ringwood According to Public Vote! How to find the best carpet cleaner to suit all your need can be difficult.  There is more to cleaning your carpet in Ringwood than just vacuuming it and preventing stains. Your carpets also need professional maintenance on...

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Are Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies Worth It?

Are Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies Worth It? In this BLOG we discuss the difference between Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies and Reputable High Quality Companies like Super-Clean PRO. Reading between these lines will stop you from going for the so-called ‘pocket-friendly’ and ‘competitive’ prices that some cleaning companies offer. Carpet Cleaning...

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Not all Carpet Cleaners are EQUAL!

Not All Carpet Cleaners Are Equal!. The average carpet cleaning company uses only one or two steps to clean your carpet. Here at Super-Clean PRO, we use a minimum of 8 Steps in Our Cleaning Process to give you Maximum Soil and Spot Removal. Our main focus is on Excellence...

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Benefits of a Reputable Company

Benefits Of Hiring A Reputable Carpet Cleaning Company There are so many benefits of hiring a reputable Carpet Cleaning company in Ringwood. First of all, you don’t have to do anything. You can just spend your weekend sprawled on your sofa, enjoying a glass of wine while the Super-Clean PRO...

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us? What Makes Us “SUPER” Unlike other companies, we never charge you additional hidden fees. We just charge you for work that is up to-the-mark and meets your expectations. We clean every corner of your carpet, upholstery and rugs. With our High Quality Work, you will experience 100%...

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Professional Rug Cleaning

'The Process Of Professional Rug Cleaning. Area Rugs tie a space together, but often take a battering from everything from footfall to puppies to spillage. And when the household Vacuum just won't cut it, understanding how rugs are professionally cleaned comes in handy. Why Wool Rug Cleaning Is Important? As...

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Quality Carpet Cleaning

Do you need Quality Carpet Cleaning? The Easter Holidays here and all our friends and families are coming into town and into our homes. We know you want to take pride in presenting your homes to your guests in the best way possible.  This means making sure that your carpets...

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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional Tile and grout Cleaning Having tile in your home serves a variety of purposes.  Obviously, many people prefer having tile in their kitchen and bathrooms, thanks primarily to its water-resistant nature.  In areas where water is heavily used, it’s important to have flooring and backsplash in place that can...

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Carpet Cleaning Methods – Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Carpet Cleaning Methods  Carpet Cleaning companies use two main carpet cleaning methods.  Each has advantages and disadvantages.  Carpet Cleaning methods fall into two categories. – Dry Cleaning and Steam cleaning. Dry Cleaning can include using an absorbent pad.  Encapsulation is a fairly easy method, the...

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