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Avoid DIY Carpet Cleaning Nightmares

The carpet in your home puts up with a lot during its lifetime. With good maintenance, it can handle general wear and tear throughout the years, however, there comes a time when it’ll face substances that can’t be banished with a quick vacuum. While none of us can avoid accidental...

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Should I Hire a Steam Cleaner or have...

When it comes to home maintenance, Do-It-Yourself is the mantra many people are trying to live by. Carpet steam cleaning, for example, is a task with so many abundant tips on how to tackle it yourself, which leads one to wonder whether to get the services of a professional at...

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It ain’t clean, unless it’s SUPER-CLEAN!

Give your home or office a fresh and healthy look... Carpets are the most popular flooring option among homes and offices, and they not only make the place feel lively but also render a warm welcome kind of feeling for employees or when friends and family come by. Professional carpet...

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Treating and Extracting Protein (Blood) Stains…

This one was a tough one as there was so much blood that had penetrated the underlay. When it comes to treating and extracting blood it can be a long process, Why you ask?... Well, the fluid on the surface can easily be removed and the carpet will look great,...

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The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning…

There are so many benefits to having your carpets, upholstery, mattresses drapes and tile and grout professionally cleaned. It not only improves the look of your home and extends the life of your investment , but it also protects indoor air quality, which intern helps to keep your family happy...

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