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Should I Hire a Steam Cleaner or have my Carpets Professionally Steam Cleaned?

Should I Hire a Steam Cleaner or have my Carpets Professionally Steam Cleaned?

When it comes to home maintenance, Do-It-Yourself is the mantra many people are trying to live by. Carpet steam cleaning, for example, is a task with so many abundant tips on how to tackle it yourself, which leads one to wonder whether to get the services of a professional at all. Well, here’s all you need to know to answer such a question.     

Every house with carpet should consider cleaning it every now and then. Manufacturers recommend cleaning after every 12-18 months and many of the manufacturers condition their warranties on clean carpets. There’s just so much activity that goes on in the house leading to spills and dirt on the carpet.

Carpet cleaning, though not a fun activity, is a necessary one. Carpet cleaning helps get rid of stains and maintains fiber integrity, thereby prolonging its lifespan. A clean carpet also feels, looks and smells good which accentuates the homely ambiance you’re aiming for.

Steam cleaning is a widely employed carpet cleaning method performed by most professional carpet cleaners. Steam cleaners can also be hired for DIY carpet cleaning. The carpet is sprayed with hot water which is then sucked back using a machine, and in so doing, stains and dirt are extracted. This method is also known as “Hot Water Extraction.” The water used is enhanced for more cleaning power using stain removal solutions.    

DIY Steam cleaning vs. professional services

Steam cleaning machines can be hired, bought, or come with hired professionals. When considering whether to do it on your own or utilize the services of professionals, here’s what you need to know:      

Hiring a steam cleaner: 

In Australia, a steam cleaner can be rented from as low as $30 per day. Additional accessories such as shampoo are available for small additional fees. Some hire companies however, require a deposit to be made. Often, you will get a hiring discount when you hire the machine for more day.

The advantages of DIY include work satisfaction and attention to detail. DIY, however, misses out on professional expertise such as knowledge of the best stain removers for different types of stains and heating requirements for different carpet fibers. DIY risks include wet and oversaturated carpet – a properly cleaned carpet should only be a little damp after cleaning is complete. Other DIY results may include remnant stains or damaged fibers in the worst case, as well as long cleaning hours. It can take you 2-4 hours to clean one room.

Buy a steam cleaner:

Buying a steam cleaner is an option for houses prone to constant spills If the traffic inside your home is enormous and the carpet ends up dirty or stained often, buying a small steam cleaner could work for your family. It may be costly, but worthwhile in the long run. DIY will come in handy here as you will save money otherwise spent in making regular invitations to professional cleaners. 

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning:

The equipment used by carpet cleaning professionals is incredibly powerful and specialized. Professional carpet cleaners make use of heavy steam cleaners that heat and suck water more effectively and efficiently than the machines available for hire. Therefore, when it comes to general cleaning, the expertise of professional cleaners can prove useful. Professionals often have extensive experience in dealing with stubborn stains, and they know which stain remover to employ.

You will benefit from the experience professionals have in dealing with various carpet fibers such as wool, nylon, polyester, and more, which is useful in maintaining the fiber integrity. Professional cleaners also work quickly with their expertise and high-tech equipment, leaving you within the privacy of your home in a short time.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. If you have plenty of time and are keen to do your research to get the best DIY results for your carpets, go for it! If you would prefer to save time and leave it to the experts, give us a call today to organize a professional clean.

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