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Eastern Suburbs Steam Cleaning

Eastern Suburbs Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Ringwood

Super-Clean PRO is a carpet cleaning company based in Ringwood, Victoria. We specialise in steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and stain removal. Our stellar reputation is upheld by incredible results and outstanding customer service. All our techniques are non-toxic and pose no danger to both pets and children.

Keeping rugs or carpet clean may be the last thing on anyone’s mind at the end of a long day. However, clean carpets are essential in creating a conducive working environment (at the office) or a healthy space for your kids to play on at home.

Here are some top reasons why you need a professional carpet cleaner:

Rugs and carpets are constantly being stepped on, and this often results in soiling. Cleaning prevents stains or soils from becoming permanent hence extending the carpet life.

Carpets trap pollutants such as dirt, mould, pesticides, and dust. These pollutants are likely to affect your health, and you may get the flu or bacterial infections. Clean flooring ensure that the quality of air is safer for everyone in that environment.

Clean carpets speak volumes about the general standard of maintenance. Clients visiting your office or guests in your home are likely to be turned off by an unhygienic environment.

When stains stay on the carpet for too long, they may cause damaged patches. Such damage can be avoided if the carpet is kept clean.

Insects thrive in dirty rugs. By cleaning yours, you reduce the chances of having a bug infestation.

Carpet Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning (also known as deep cleaning) is the most appropriate cleaning method since it is known to get rid of 97% of germs. It is the only technique that is known to reach all the inner layers of the carpet, resulting in a thorough clean.

Here are other reasons why steam cleaning is the most preferred method:

The primary sources of pollutants are bugs, dirt brought in from foreign environments, and cigarette smoke. Kids and pets playing on your carpet are prone to catching bacterial infections. Steam cleaning removes such pollutants thanks to its deep-cleaning techniques.

Bugs will always be present in our homes although your location will determine how frequently you’ll run into them. Warmer areas tend to host more insects, while cooler places have fewer bug infestations. Steam cleaning eliminates bugs that may be living in the inner layers of your carpet.

There is no better feeling than walking barefoot on a smooth, freshly cleaned carpet. Steam cleaned rugs add a touch of sophistication and luxury, whether it’s at home or the office. The enhanced decor is left smelling fresh, giving you peace of mind. Your guests will also be comfortable and have a pleasant experience in your home.

Steam cleaning is recommended to be carried out at intervals of 12 to 18 months. Of course, various factors will affect how regular you’d like your carpet cleaned. Such include:


When mould thrives, the host is likely to develop health conditions such as nasal stuffiness, eye, and throat irritation, wheezing, coughing, and even skin irritation in severe cases. Oxygen and moisture are the main factors that encourage the growth of mould. As such, you should take extra care to ensure your environment does not promote this growth.

Due to its thorough nature, steam cleaning gets rid of any mould present in the inner layer of the rug, carpet, or upholstery.

Bonus Tips on Mould Prevention:


The Steam Cleaning Process:

The process of steam cleaning involves several steps

Step 1- Pre Spray

The carpet is sprayed with our unique formula to loosen fixed dirt

Step 2 – Sanitizing

The purpose of this agent is to get rid of pet odours or any other smell caused by bacteria living in the carpet.

Step 3- Hot Water Extraction

After the pre-spray has settled in, the steam cleaning process begins with our high powered equipment. Our final rinse is specifically formulated to make the rug feel softer for longer.

Step 4 РPost  Treatment

After the washing process is complete, we will apply a layer of protector on the carpet. Protectors serve to make vacuuming easier and extend the carpet life.

At Super-Clean PRO, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our highly-trained specialists, together with our state of the art machinery, will go a long way in making your floors look brand new!

We offer a variety of cleaning services in Ringwood, Bayswater and even Park Orchards. Contact us today for residential carpet cleaning, upholstery and rug cleaning, stain and odour treatments, bleach and colour repairs, and many more.

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Our core cleaning solutions are child and pet safe and are environmentally friendly.

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We are so confident in our work, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


We understand your time is valuable so we promise to arrive at your property on time, every time.

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