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Can My Home Ever Be Too Clean?

Can My Home Ever Be Too Clean?

Keeping your house tidy and clean is essential for your health as well as keeping your home looking good. In fact, if you keep your home free of harmful germs and contaminants, you will also be preventing allergies and airway irritation that can be detrimental to you and your family’s health. But the question that many homeowners ask is how clean is clean enough? Or is there such a thing as too clean?

With more science-based studies being conducted in various countries have proven the benefits and drawback of different cleaning methods and solutions. You need to know the best and proper way to keep your home clean.

Why is a dirty home detrimental to your health?

We all know that messy and dirty homes are not just an eyesore, but it can also lead to various types of illnesses. It can also be stressful for anyone to encounter dirt and disorganisation in their home. Not to mention that unclean and messy areas can be a potential breeding ground for viruses and bacteria that can affect your health.

In the bathroom

This is one area in your house where bacteria and germs can quickly spread if not cleaned properly. In fact, scum and grime can build up in the sink, bathroom floors, shower or bath and these areas may contain bacteria and organisms. A dirty bathroom can also be a breeding ground for mould and mildew and this can lead to allergies.

In the kitchen

Since it is the area where you prepare food, then it’s not surprising that germs will often spread in your kitchen. Your unwashed fruits, raw meat, and vegetables are significant sources of bacteria and it can enter your home undetected. An untidy kitchen with lots of leftovers and food scraps around can also attract cockroaches and mice, which can also spread disease.

Areas with upholstery, carpets and soft furnishings

If you have rooms with lots of bedding, sofas, curtains and carpet, then you could be exposing your family to harmful allergens. Without professional carpet cleaning and regular vacuuming, dust and allergens can build up. You need to seek out the help of a qualified cleaning specialist since they know the best cleaning solution to your home.

Are There Dangers in A House That’s Too Clean?

In reality, excessive cleaning can be time-consuming and it can also over-sterilise your home, which means it can be an unnatural environment to live in, and may also trigger health issues like allergies. Research has shown that using too many anti-bacterial solutions can contribute to thyroid hormone disruption; antibiotic resistance increases the chances of acquiring allergies in children, as well as being bad for the environment.

So, a small amount of exposure to germs can help you and your family build up your immune system so you’re more capable of battling allergies and diseases naturally.

Finding the right balance

We recommend that you clean high-risk areas daily like the kitchen and bathroom, but you shouldn’t overdo it and don’t use harsh chemical solutions. You could try using organic solutions that is subtle but still as effective as their chemical counterparts.

You may also want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service one every so often, especially when it comes to your carpet, upholstery, tiles and grout. Home cleaning specialists like Super-Clean Pro have years of experience in the cleaning industry and they have the solutions and equipment to clean your home effectively without overdoing it.

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