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End of Lease Cleaning Tips

End of Lease Cleaning Tips

As a tenant, it is your obligation to return the rental property in a clean and neat condition before your landlords or real estate agents do the final inspection. To accomplish this task, you need a lot of time and management skills to organise your end of lease cleaning tasks.

So, if you want to get the entire amount of your bond, you’ll need to put some extra effort or hire a trusted cleaning company to help you spruce up the property. In most cases, your lease agreement will include several terms like the carpets should be professionally cleaned before you can vacate the property.

They may also require you to hire a professional pest control operator, especially if you have pets since they need to ensure that the property is pest-free before you leave it.


Things to clean in the property as per the end of the lease agreement

There are several things you should do to fulfil your obligation as a tenant and these will include the following:

  • Clean your garage and de-grease your floor if necessary. It’s also essential to remove any leftover cobwebs and spray the outdoor area with insect spray.
  • Cut back your bushes and remove all weeds, you should also mow the lawns and spray the area with weed killer if necessary.
  • Another essential thing to do is to scrub your driveway and remove any residual oil spill or tyre marks from your car.
  • Inside the property, you must wash your light fittings and replace any busted globes.
  • If you have an air conditioner, then you should wipe them clean, including the internal filters. This goes for your smoke alarms and exhaust fans in the toilet, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Another important thing to do is to disinfect and clean all parts of your toilet, together with the cistern, fitting including those that are located behind the toilet and pipes.
  • In your living areas, don’t forget to vacuum your wardrobes and if you see any cobwebs or marks on your walls, you can wash them down with sugar soap and mild detergent.
  • In the kitchen, the oven should be thoroughly cleaned including the range hood, knobs, and stove. The oven glass must also be cleaned as per the oven’s cleaner directions.
  • With regards to the bathroom, it must be vacuum thoroughly, so any hair and loose objects are removed. Drains should also be hair free to prevent clogging.
  • Also, if you noticed any calcium or rust build-up in your laundry sink, it’s best to clean it out using a crème cleanser and scourer sponge.
  • Check if you have any mould growth. This is particularly likely in your bathroom grout if it has not been sealed properly.
  • You should also vacuum the entire house and mop any hard floors to remove dirt and debris.

Lastly, carpet cleaning should be handled by a professional cleaning specialist only like Super-Clean Pro, because they have a team of highly skilled cleaning technicians that can properly do this task for you.

You are also assured that they will provide quality cleaning service since they’ve been in the cleaning industry for several years and they can utilize state of the art machinery as well as top of the line solutions that are both pet and child-friendly.

Once all the tasks above are completed, you must do a final walk-through to ensure the property is in the correct handover state to avoid any tenancy disputes. Now, it’s time to meet your landlord for the final inspection.

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