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Causes of Recurring Carpet Stains

Causes of Recurring Carpet Stains

Have you encountered reappearing stains in your carpet? Do you find it frustrating, especially when you put so much effort in removing those stains?

You may be looking for a reason why this is happening and what might be causing it. Well, there are two main causes for recurring carpet stains, and these are briefed below:

  1. Cleaning Solution Residue

This is one of the most common causes of recurring carpet stains, and it’s all due to cleaning solutions such as shampoo, soap, or any other synthetic cleaning solutions. In fact, most of these solutions are not entirely removed from your carpet, and it will result in carpet residue. You need to understand that these synthetic cleaning agents leave behind residue that are stickier than most conventional cleaning solutions.

So, the affected part where the residue is will eventually collect dirt and dust, and the stains will appear on that section since it will keep accumulating more and more dust. This dust and soil will get so sticky that mere vacuuming will not be enough to remove it.

Therefore, the stains on the part where the residue is accumulating are not precisely the same stains before, but they are newly acquired stains due to leftovers from the cleaning agents that were recently used in your carpet.

  1. Carpet Wicking

Another reason why stains are reappearing in your carpet is due to an occurrence called wicking, and this happens when the stains are not only on the surface, but they have already penetrated the inner part of the carpet fabric. In fact, they may have even made their way deep into the carpet underlay.

Removing these types of stains is very difficult and requires a qualified carpet cleaner. The best way to remove these stains is through a process called hot water extraction. So, the carpet cleaning specialist will use equipment that could let hot water penetrate the inner section of the carpet fabric until it gets mixed with the stains residing deep inside it including those that went to the pad.

Once the water becomes dirty, the cleaner will then extract the water until the carpet is thoroughly dry and stain-free. In a nutshell, carpet wicking can quickly be addressed by a reliable carpet cleaning company in your area.

You may be thinking of doing the cleaning the carpet yourself, but this decision might do more harm than good since you don’t have experience and equipment to do this task on your own. If you’re from Melbourne then we recommend that you get in touch with Super-Clean Pro, since they are the premier carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider in the area.

They also have a team of certified cleaning technicians that have the experience and expertise to handle any type of stains. So, they can quickly and correctly clean your carpet based on the stains it acquired. You no longer need to guess the kind of stains you’re dealing with since they can accurately determine the issue for you, and they will eventually conduct the proper method for your carpet.

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