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Our Best Tips for Spring Cleaning

Our Best Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is among us, and it’s time for the sun to come out at last. The days will get warmer and longer, and it’s the best time to come out and enjoy nature. During the winter season, you’re most likely inside your home due to the cold, wet weather.

So, you spend most of your days inside with germs, body oil, dirt, and more accumulating in your home during this season. It’s time to give your home a fresh lease on life with a spring clean!

In your spring clean, you should start with your furniture and upholstery, since it’s the most used items during winter, and you want to make sure it is refreshed and clean as new.

Upholstery cleaning:

If you really want to refresh your leather or fabric furniture, it’s essential to hire a professional upholstery cleaning specialist like Super-Clean PRO, because they have the experience and equipment to thoroughly clean your upholstery and protect them for years to come.

Not to mention they have upholstery cleaning solutions that are safe, non-toxic and help the fabric to stay soft as if they were new. Their cleaning products are also safe for both kids and pets, as well as the surroundings.

Once you have had your furniture professionally cleaned, you should also protect it against dirt and spills using a protective coating, and upholstery cleaning experts can provide you with these solutions.

Window Cleaning:

You will be amazed by how much more light enters your home when you have clean windows, both inside and out. Our tip is to skip the squeegee. Remove excess dirt and dust with warm water and soap. Once dry, generously apply a good window cleaner. It is best to do this on mild, cloudy day. Otherwise, the cleaner can dry on your windows before you wipe it away, leaving uneven streaks. Remove the cleaner with a good quality microfiber cloth. It is good practice to wipe horizontally when cleaning the inside, and then vertically on the outside. This way, if streaks appear, you will be able to locate and remove them more efficiently.

Tile cleaning:

It’s amazing how grime can quickly build up in between tiles during winter, especially in your bathroom where there is a lot of moisture. You’ll need to clean your tiles and grout to remove unhygienic germs and dirt.

A qualified tile cleaning specialist can help you with this intricate task, and they will most likely use a sealant to create a durable barrier that will minimise the amount of dirt that can seep into the grout pores. Using this method, you can be sure that your tiles are less time consuming to maintain because dirt and grime can no longer penetrate your tiles and grout.

In fact, your tiles stay sparkly clean, sanitized and it will look much better and healthier for both pets and people.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning:

Rugs and carpets can be expensive investments, and you want to keep them looking great for years. During spring, you should let them be professionally cleaned by a reputable carpet and rug cleaning service provider in your area. In fact, regular professional cleaning will make your carpet look fresher and revitalized.

If you’re from Melbourne, you can always contact Super-Clean PRO via 0402 814 719; they have a team of highly trained cleaning specialist who is ready to help you with any of your cleaning needs.

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