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Treating and Extracting Protein (Blood) Stains…

Treating and Extracting Protein (Blood) Stains…

This one was a tough one as there was so much blood that had penetrated the underlay. When it comes to treating and extracting blood it can be a long process, Why you ask?… Well, the fluid on the surface can easily be removed and the carpet will look great, but not for long. After a short time the blood that has seeped into the underlay will wick back up to the surface and the stain will end up looking just as bad as it did before the clean. This is a mistake a lot of amateur and untrained carpet cleaners make. The stain must be treated with a protein spotter and flushed out using the waterclaw system and the appropriate PPE is a must. Protein spotters come in varying strengths and react to different carpet fibers in different ways so training is a must before attempting protein stain extraction.


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