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Are Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies Worth It?

Are Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies Worth It?

Are Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies Worth It?

In this BLOG we discuss the difference between Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies and Reputable High Quality Companies like Super-Clean PRO.

Reading between these lines will stop you from going for the so-called ‘pocket-friendly’ and ‘competitive’ prices that some cleaning companies offer. Carpet Cleaning is not merely the buzzing of the vacuum cleaner, stepping aside, and thumping one’s chest. It’s cleanliness on a whole different level.

I’m talking about dealing with smells from spills, crumbs, and even pets. That aside, there are notorious stains that need elimination. You’re looking at a move that could improve the air quality or your house, or not, depending on whether you go pro or go low. With that picture, you don’t want cheap since it will get expensive for you.

Here are ten reasons to look away when a cleaning company says they can clean your carpet at a price that is too good to be true:

May not Deliver

The prices are only baiting on you, and you’ll have to settle for a half-baked job when it first gets done. Scenarios like these have occurred – companies sign up for ‘affordable’ carpet-cleaning jobs, do them, and a week later, they receive calls that the carpet wasn’t spotless. Then, the nightmare comes. You don’t want to call them, because it could go either way.

The company may go back and do the job again (rarely) or ignore you. There, you lose the money and remain with your half-cleaned carpet.

May not have Certified Technicians

Cheap companies don’t have the money to employ educated cleaners. All seasoned cleaners have a reasonable price, sometimes prohibitively high ones. So, these cheap carpet cleaning companies bring together any Tom, Dick, and Harry and voila – there go the cleaners.

An experienced cleaner should know the different types of carpets and how different it is to clean each. What cheap companies bring to the table is YOUR RUIN! Some mediocre guy or girl will come and, in their ignorance, destroy the beauty that is your carpet.

Cheap Crap Equipment and Cleaning Solutions

Do cheap companies have the financial muscle to invest in high-quality equipment? NO. They’ll gather up some standard cleaning tools, detergents, and agents and started – killing your carpet!

Cheap cleaners will finish the work too soon, and they will leave the soap drying up with the carpet. You don’t want that, do you?

Also, cheap labor will dilute the cleaning products to save money!

Won’t offer a Satisfaction Guarantee

If a company is not reputable, you won’t hear them standing behind their work. It will also be challenging for cheap cleaners to redo the job unless you’re paying them again. If they don’t put their services out with a risk-free label, be advised to look the other way.

A company that has sharper charges but is accountable for their cleaning services is a better option. It’s supposed to be like this: If a job doesn’t please you, you shouldn’t pay for it. When you try to initiate the money-back guarantee discussion, cheap cleaners will start talking about bananas.

Will NOT Disclose All Applicable fees

The devil is in the details! Cheap cleaners operate under zero regulations, so don’t be surprised when they charge you extra on the job. And this move of theirs is purely psychological; they’ll ask for the money at your office or home – when you can’t tell them off. That’s not how pros operate. A professional cleaner will send you a clear-cut, detailed, and well-explained quotation before the job starts.

Not Enough Reputation

Does the company talk about previous successes? Does it open you up to forums where previous clients have praised their services? If not, that company belongs to the streets, Future style.

If they can’t talk about where they are coming from, don’t let them into your house.

 Poor Customer Service

Untrainedinexperienced, and cheap is the combo for bad-bad-bad service. An ‘affordable’ company has no ethical standpoint, and whoever receives your complaint will have no ounce of care whatsoever. It would be best if you got carpet cleaners who have a sense of warmth, and you won’t get that with those too-good-to-be-true prices that were about to mislead you.

Your Carpet May Never Regain its Former Beauty

If you fell prey for the companies small money talk, be prepared to live with a tasteless carpet. Cheap companies offer shoddy work, and when they combine that with inferior products, your carpet comes out of the wash looking awful. You’ll probably need to buy a new one.

Final Thoughts…

So Are Cheap Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies Worth it?… Well, that would be a big fat NO! and as the saying goes “Cheap people pay twice”.  A saying which has never been more prevalent than in the Carpet Cleaning Industry.

As you avoid cheap carpet cleaning companies, get to know how you want your carpet cleaned. Listing your objectives helps you to organize yourself before making any phone calls. We, at Super-Clean PRO provide the best Quality Cleaning Cleaning Service at a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

A cheap cleaner will pounce on a less-informed client and tell them how they will do the unimaginable to your carpet. Don’t be that client. Feel free to reach us with any questions or queries. You can contact us through email, we’ll be glad to help you out over the phone on 0402814719.

With our high powered  Truck-Mounted Machine, paired with our 8 Step Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning Process, we can offer the deepest and most professional carpet, upholstery and Tile & Grout clean possible!

Super-Clean PRO Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has been caring for carpet and hard floors in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne since 2014.  Offering professional carpet cleaning services in a wide range of areas including the City of MelbournePort PhillipBanyuleNillumbikBoroondaraKnoxManninghamMaroondahWhitehorseYarra RangesCasey and Stonningham

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