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Bleach Spot and Colour Repairs

Bleach Spot and Colour Repairs

Bleach Spot and Colour Repairs

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Bleach spots and colour loss from Carpets are a common problem in Ringwood and  Croydon households. When bleach, pet urine or other chemicals are spilled on carpet or upholstery and left untreated, neutralized and extracted the colour or dye is stripped, resulting in unsightly faded spots.

We are able to restore these spots, regardless of your carpet color! Multi-colored carpet and patterned carpets may also be fully restored!

Super-Clean PRO is an elite family owned carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and restoration company based in Ringwood, Victoria. We also service surrounding suburbs such as Bayswater, Mitcham and Lilydale. For many years, we have been providing customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our cleaning services.

Whether you need occasional rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or if you need all your flooring washed, we are here to help. One of the more obscure services that Super-Clean PRO offers is bleach spot and colour repairs.    

How does discolouration come about?

A bleach spot comes about when any amount of bleach is spilled, dribbled, or dropped onto the carpet or rug. They can also occur from other spillages with harsh properties, causing discolouration or staining. The dye in your carpet or rug’s fabric breaks down and is extracted. This leaves a discolored spot (white, yellow or orange) that is unfortunately permanent.

How are bleach spots repaired?

Our owner operator is trained in colour restoration! We know exactly the right chemistry required to restore your carpet or rug’s colours to their original state.

There are two ways to repair discolouration. One involves using donor carpet to insert a patch into your carpet. This method can work well if you have some matching carpet stored in your household. The other method includes two steps. The bleach must first be neutralized so that further damage does not occur. Then the skilled technician will create a colour blend to apply to the affected area.

Super-Clean PRO’s trained professional can operate state of the art equipment with high quality solutions and chemicals to ensure that your carpet is restored to perfection.

Our premium owner operator knows exactly which techniques he should use in order to get the result that you want to see. We will make sure that we get the job on time, for an affordable price, and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This service may be of particular benefit for those at the end of their lease. If you have damaged the carpet during your lease, colour correction can help have your bond returned!

Add in our outstanding customer service and use of eco-friendly products, and you get high quality carpet cleaning, colour restoration, carpet repair, and much more! We offer competitive pricing and free quotes for all commercial and residential customers in Ringwood and Mitcham. By utilizing eco-friendly solutions, all services are completed with products that are safe for children and pets. We know how much they love to crawl all over that freshly cleaned carpet! These products are also pH neutral, and environmentally safe.

If you need a carpet or rug cleaning in Ringwood, including bleach spot and colour correction, call Super-Clean PRO today! We can get you set up with an appointment for cleaning, restoration, or repair, and will complete their work on time with outstanding customer service guaranteed!

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Our core cleaning solutions are child and pet safe and are environmentally friendly.

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We are so confident in our work, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


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