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Carpet Cleaning Heathmont

Carpet Cleaning Heathmont

Super Clean Pro offers professional cleaning services for carpet and upholstery in Heathmont. The local, family run company has a dedicated owner, who is also a highly trained and certified technician. He uses advanced cleaning technologies to give you high-quality results. Our specialist is well organized, responsive and punctual to provide you with prompt and efficient cleaning. Your carpets are cleaned using environmentally friendly solutions that are non-toxic and safe for children and pets.

Super Clean Pro has solutions to clean your carpets for a wide variety of stains, mould and even correct the colour on faded or damaged carpets. For all stains, whether they are organic or inorganic, water-based or petroleum-based, Super Clean Pro has affordable and efficient cleaning services.

Why you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned:

Professionals who work for us are trained and certified to clean your flooring in the most effective and efficient way. They have the right set of sophisticated tools for every type of stubborn stains and have skills and experience to take correct and minimal steps to clean your flooring without causing any damage. They also have thorough experience, enabling them to use the right cleaning solutions, safe methods and take necessary precautionary steps. These include wearing protective gloves, goggles and uniforms to avoid any accidents.

Professional carpet cleaners are certified, insured and trained in their specific duties, hence, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with our superior services

Methods of carpet cleaning Heathmont:

Super Clean Pro uses a variety of different methods to clean your carpets in Heathmont. Depending on the type of carpet, type of stains, its stubbornness, spread area and chemical composition, different methods are used.

  1. Steam Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, steam cleaning uses hot water and cleaning solutions over the carpet. Under high pressure, they are sprayed over the fibres to trigger and dissolve the dirt which clings over the surface and stuck deep inside the carpet.

The dirt and excess water which flows out is immediately sucked up using powerful wet vacuums which collect the water and dirt which has dissolved in the solution. Much of the excess water is removed by repeated use of vacuum cleaners. This method results in a deep clean for carpets of any size. It not only cleans the carpets but also kills microbes and germs, as well as removing allergens.

  1. Shampooing

Shampooing carpet requires applying a mixture of water and cleaning solution over the carpet so that it foams. The foam is then left to soak to collect the dirt and soil. Carpet shampooing is more suitable for cleaning small areas of the carpet with tough stains or rooms that are highly dirty. This method requires more water and cleaning solution and takes a long time to dry.

  1. Encapsulation.

In the encapsulation method, the carpet is cleaned using a vacuum to remove loose dirt and soil. After vacuum cleaning, a detergent-based synthetic encapsulating solution is applied on the carpet and using rotary brush foams are created. The foam collects all the dirt and dries to form crystals and appear like the coating of power on the surface. These solid crystals are first brushed and then deep cleaned using vacuum cleaners.

The encapsulation methods are cost-effective, low maintenance, uses less water and quick to dry. It also makes your carpet cleaner and brighter after cleaning.

  1. Dry Powder Cleaning.

The Dry powder method uses a powder soaked in solvent chemical is applied over the carpet to be cleaned. Using a circular brush, the powder is forced to contact the soil and dirt. This forms small clumps of loosened soil which is removed by vacuum cleaners. This method is more suitable for carpet that can be cleaned with low moisture or no water.

Specialised treatments.

Super Clean Pro has a wide range of cleaning treatments for stains due to coffee, food, spills, ink spots, mould, dust mites, urine contamination, bloodstains, petroleum stains, natural stains, and synthetic stains.

Other services.

Apart from the services and treatment described above, Super-Clean PRO also provides our Heathmont customers with the following services:

The owner operator at Super-Clean PRO is highly-trained in all areas of stain and odour removal, as well as all pet related mess.

Super Clean PRO has state of the art of professional cleaning expertise, sophisticated tools, along with our highly skilled and certified technician available to service the Heathmont area. The efficient and reliable owner provides you with cutting edge, high-quality cleaning services for your carpet and upholstery. With affordable prices and guaranteed satisfaction, Super-Clean Pro provide you a professional cleaning service that you will love, with benefits lasting for many months. We are just a phone call away. Give us a call today for a free quote!

Benefits Of Working With Us


Our core cleaning solutions are child and pet safe, neutral Ph and environmentally friendly.

Quality Gurantee

We are so confident in our work, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


We understand your time is valuable so we promise to arrive at your property on time, every time.

Affordable Price

We focus on giving you a fair price for amazing work every time guaranteed.

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