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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your office’s interior is very beneficial in image building. Your carpeting & flooring, for example, can say a lot about how you conduct business. So investing in regular commercial carpet cleaning is a good start. 
Since offices are usually high traffic, it means that your carpeting takes a beating every day and the wear and tear will show up soon enough if you don’t have a regular maintenance plan. What Super-Clean PROcan do for you is to conduct a thorough review of your facility and propose practical solutions suited to your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

The Professional Difference in Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Professional services include spot cleaning, high traffic cleaning, deep soil extraction, anti-stain treatment and emergency spot removal. When your business establishment’s carpeting is maintained professionally, you will realize later on that you actually saved a lot of money because the commercial carpet cleaning services are personalized and not trial-and-error.

Spot cleaning, for example, targets specific areas using the right chemicals and equipment. This will save you time and money because instead of experimenting with which treatment will work best for the problem at hand, United will know what to do right away. No experimenting with expensive chemicals, which can easily go wrong when done by people with no experience in such situations.

The main concern, in high traffic areas, is the reduced lifespan of carpeting especially when it is not treated with the right methods. Maintenance and regular cleaning by a commercial carpet cleaning company can easily extend the lifespan of your carpet and reduce the cost of frequent replacement.

Floors are one of the most costly assets for businesses, that’s why it’s important to take care of them properly.  As a local, family run business, Super-Clean PRO Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offers a full range of commercial services that help clean, protect and prolong the life and appearance of your floors while keeping them ready for business.

Our specialized carpet cleaning solutions include deep carpet steam cleaning,  dry cleaning, stain and odour treatments, mould restoration and much much more…

For premier, highly-qualified, commercial carpet-cleaning solutions in Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs, Ringwood, Mitcham and surrounds, look no further than Super-Clean PRO. We take great pride in our expertise, professionalism and experience. For many years, we’ve offered customers across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs not only the best, but also the most affordable carpet-cleaning services, with a closer focus on premium customer services. We have some of the best trained and qualified carpet cleaners in the area!

Once you choose to hire us, we can guarantee you only the most remarkable outcomes. Your carpets are, without doubt, one of the most highly-valued accessories in your home. Aside from the fact that they improve the ambiance and outlook of your house when sparkling clean, maintaining their hygiene levels high is also important for the safety of your loved ones. You don’t want harmful pathogens bacteria and dirt flying around your house. This is where our highly-skilled carpet cleaners come in – to maintain those high levels of cleanliness!

Are you noticing unpleasant odours in your house in Ringwood or Heathmont that you can’t explain? It is likely that your carpet is the culprit. Those stains that you sometimes ignore… That spillage that you didn’t take care of last week… But worry no more because Super-Clean PRO can take care of it for you. We’ll work on your carpet to the very last fibre, leaving it not only freshly clean and smelling nice again but also free of dangerous germs.

Regular carpet cleaning is essential to maintain its cleanliness and texture. Allowing stains and dirt to accumulate can make it harder to clean over time. Accumulation of mites, bacteria, viruses and pathogens may establish a breeding colony. Coupled with the accumulation of dirt, allergens and other foreign elements, this risks the health and safety of everyone around.

Regular commercial carpet cleaning can help to:

– Maintaining its softness and fluffiness

– Keeping its brightness and luster intact

– Extending its lifespan

– Getting rid of stubborn stains

 Return your bond after you vacate your commercial premises

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning service uses the following Methods: 

Steam Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, this technique involves the use of hot water under high pressure to remove even the most stubborn stains and dirt from your carpet. The pressurized hot water is capable of reaching very deep within the carpet’s fibres. We begin with a fibre test to determine the most appropriate cleaning solution for the carpet. Then a dry vacuuming process to get rid of any dry particles, followed by the application of a specialised bio-degradable cleaner solution then high-pressure hot water extraction. Finally, we use a wet vacuuming process to remove the mixture of water, grime and cleaning solution.


This method involves using a specialised synthetic detergent, known as an encapsulating foam, to eliminate dirt and grime from your carpet fibres. First, we spray the foam onto the carpet as we simultaneously brush it into the fibres using a bonnet/rotary brush machine. Detergent molecules encapsulate every individual dirt/soil/debris particle to crystallize them. This is followed by the brushing and vacuuming of the particles using special equipment to leave each strand of carpet fibres spotlessly clean. Because this cleaning method employs a low-moisture mechanism, your carpet will be ready for use almost immediately after we’re done with the cleaning process.

Super-Clean PRO Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning have all kinds of treatments for all your requirements!  

Food and Drink Spills: 

Are you wondering what to do to get rid of those unattractive stains and unpleasant odours from accidental food/drink spills? Our experts are only a few minutes away. Whether it’s juice, tea, wine, coffee, tea or even baby food and porridge staining your carpet, just leave everything to us!

Ink Stains: 

Ink and marker stains are particularly notorious for being stubborn to eliminate from carpet fibres. We use alcohol-based solvents to remove them completely and fast.

Dust Mites and Allergens:

Worried that dust mites, excessive pet hair and other allergens may be a threat to the health of your employees? We employ dust mite steam cleaning and anti-allergen treatments to eradicate all these risks.

Water Soluble Stains:

Some of the stains that are water-soluble include milk, blood, faeces, mud, latex paint, soda, ice cream and alcoholic drinks. Leave all of them to our pro cleaner to get rid of in no time.

Bleached Spots and Colour Restoration:

Does your carpet have sections that appear color-faded or bleached? We offer carpet uniformity restoration services.

Petroleum-Based Stains:  

We also deal with all kinds of petroleum-based stains such as oil and grease. We employ organic solvents that dissolve the oil/grease to remove it completely from your carpet’s fibres, whatever material it’s made of.

Natural/Organic Stains:

The main reason why some organic stains like tea and coffee are often hard to get rid of is because during the time of staining, the high heat levels of the liquid eases the bonding process between the tannin and carpet fibres. Yet you need not worry anymore because we has the solvents and solutions needed to remove them!

Synthetic Stains:  

Man-made dyes and colorants stick much more easily onto nylon fibre than other fabrics. But our reducing agent-based solution and steam iron will remove them all.

Carpet Mould Restoration:

Microscopic mould spores are ever present in the air around us. If they land on your damp carpet and find conditions suitable for growth, they’ll destroy your carpet gradually. Don’t let this happen while our specialised equipment and chemical treatment can get rid of them.

Vomit Stains Treatment:  

If not handled and cleaned appropriately, vomit stains on the carpet can cause unsightly appearances and unpleasant smells. Get in touch with us to get rid of vomit stains expertly

In all our carpet cleaning and restoration tasks, Our carpet Cleaning expert employs the use of only eco-friendly products. Our prices are among the most competitive in Ringwood. For us, quality is highly guaranteed, and all our services are highly dependable.

Super-Clean PRO Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has been caring for carpet, hard floors and fabrics in Melbourne since 2014.  Offering professional carpet cleaning services in a wide range of areas including the City of MelbournePort Phillip,  Banyule,  Nillumbik,  Boroondara,  Knox,  Manningham,  Maroondah,  Whitehorse,  Yarra Ranges Casey and Stonningham.  So, Get In Touch With Us Today!  For expert carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning and restoration, call us on 0402 814 719 and Experience the Super-Clean feeling!

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